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Incuso: IGS Factory and Research Garden

Incuso, home of Iano Gardens and Manufacturing, sits in the void. A giant, dead rock: it is large enough for reasonable gravity but is cold to the core. Unable to sustain life, it is made living by machines alone.

Fusion reactors swarm Incuso's orbit, not only to beam energy to the surface but to shield the habitable zone behind a network of magnetic fields. Protected by the magnetic curtain, the atmospheric generator can sustain its hurricane.

Incuso cannot support its own sky. The machines must supply it.

Swirling ceaselessly at the garden's core, the hurricane flings water vapor across a third of the planet. A raging storm for the surrounding factories, it subsides to just rain once reaching the garden. And, as the storm thins to nothing but hostile sky, so does the garden give way to radiated desert.

It pits the garden between crushing winds and searing radiation. This inner ring is the habitable zone. All life exists in this ring. Nothing alive exists outside of it.

What does exist are solar farms, fusion beam receivers, space elevators, and robotic mining and refining plants. All the machines that feed Incuso with power, minerals and supplies. Making the entire planet a complete, yet singular corporate operation.