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Cerebral Neural Net (C-Net)

Merged with the Arta's brain at formation, the C-Net is thoroughly integrated with all her mental functions. Powered by the Arta's own blood, it wirelessly connects her to Incuso's network. This gives her cerebral access to her gear, other Artas, satellites, system databases, communications, and every wired machine in between.

In action, the C-Net manifests in the Arta's vision as an interactive HUD. There, real-time communications are displayed along with current connections and status monitoring. It also merges her natural vision with hallucinatory graphics which float within the real world she sees.

Through her C-Net, any machine an Arta can remotely connect with becomes a natural extension of her own body. She can see through any camera, psychically operate any mech, translate satellite imagery into natural awareness, and use her own gear by instinct alone.

Finally, Arta's can psychically connect to each other on a reptilian brain level. This is called "Syncing." When Artas sync, they become a single organism, instinctually aware of the other. No communication is needed; location, status, emotions, thoughts are communally experienced as a single hive mind. However, prolonged cerebral integration is too much for most Artas; so this ability is used sparingly.

Though organic, the C-Net makes an Arta a machine. The network records all her sensory experiences, physical status and generated communications. Everything she says, does or witnesses is preserved on Incuso's servers.

There is even a Cholinergic override embedded within the C-Net that temporarily paralyzes rebellious Artas. She can also be taken offline by headquarters.

As much as she controls the system, the system also controls her.