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Artas are bio-machines based off the human female genetic template redesigned for the unique needs of Iano Corp's garden. Their purpose is to biologically and psychologically influence Vower evolution.

Biologically, the Arta's uterus has been reengineered to collect and distribute Vower compatible DNA.

For collection, the uterus contains a series of collection bladders made to awaken and consume entering fluids per encounter. The uterus is lined with thirty bladders and can carry thirty isolated samples before having to deposit.

For distribution, the ovaries release viral packets in the form of artificial eggs. When consumed, the virus will infect the Vower with upgraded genetic coding - maintaining and guiding the Vower's appropriate evolutionary path.

Though Vowers and Artas are genetically alien to each other, they have been engineered to pursue these tasks instinctually. While evolutionary manipulation compels the Vower, fetishization compels the Arta. Installed with left-leaning brains, balanced amygdalae, and neural-conditioning; the Artas are built to see the garden as a playground of perverse, semi-violent delights. For the Arta and the Vower, the process of genetic collection/distribution has been made a primal one.

For Vower psychology, the Artas have been trained to wage war on them. Violence is used to push the Vowers to evolve their intelligence and cunning. Through war, the Artas will guide the Vowers to civilization.

To do so, Artas were themselves made violent. Though their bodies are products of precisely balanced genetics, their minds have been deliberately wired for rage. Locked in an isolated military society, the Artas are cultivated to vent their hormonal turmoil through hunting, fucking and attacking Vowers.

It is all summarized in the Arta credo.

"We are the bees that pollinate the garden. And we are the wolves that keep it evolving."

Created, Not Born

Arta's are manufactured in a QMAF solution, organically printed from the nervous system up around a pre-grown skeleton with C-Net already implanted. The process takes ten days.

During formation, the C-Net installs the Arta's memory packet. It contains twenty years of simulated training, psychological conditioning, plus an edited collection of experiences from past Artas.

All the while, her body is electrically exercised and conditioned for the environment.

On the tenth day, the Arta is born a fully grown, trained, and weathered adult.